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BN - A

BN - A

Boron Nitride Ceramic


Boron Nitride Ceramic, known for its exceptional properties, including high thermal conductivity, is a prominent member of the high thermal conductivity ceramics family.


● Release agent for metal forming and a lubricant for metal wire drawing;

● Special electrolysis and resistance materials under high-temperature conditions;

● High-temperature solid lubricants, extrusion anti-wear additives, ceramic composite additives, refractory materials, and anti-oxidant additives;

● Boron Nitride Ceramics are suitable for heat sealing desiccant of transistors and additive of polymer, such as plastic resin;

● Boron Nitride ceramic can be pressed into various shapes of the boron nitride products, such as high-temperature and high-pressure, insulation, and heat dissipation components.

Boron Nitride Ceramic Products Wholesale of BN-A Powder 


Boron Nitride Ceramic, a member of the high thermal conductivity ceramics family, is widely recognized for its exceptional properties and versatility. It is derived from BN powder and exhibits high thermal conductivity and excellent electrical insulation.


Advantages of Boron Nitride Ceramic Material

● Remarkable thermal conductivity, to maintain optimal operating temperatures and enhances the performance and reliability of various systems.

● Electrical insulation properties. Providing electrical isolation while allowing for efficient heat transfer.



● Electrical Insulation. With excellent electrical insulation properties, boron nitride ceramic is employed in electrical and electronic applications.

● Mold Release and Lubrication. Boron nitride ceramics is used as a mold release agent and dry lubricant in plastic molding, metal casting, and extrusion processes.

● High-Temperature Applications. Boron nitride ceramic excels in high-temperature environments due to its exceptional thermal stability.

● Aerospace and Defense. Boron nitride ceramic finds applications in the aerospace and defense sectors.

● Chemical and Industrial Applications. Boron nitride ceramics is employed in various chemical and industrial processes.


Typical Value 
H2O remaining (%)<0.2<0.2<0.2<0.2<0.2<0.2
Particle size (D50) (μm)
BET (m2/g)30.311.

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