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BN- High Purity Ceramic Crucibles

BN- High Purity Ceramic Crucibles

BN High Purity Crucible with Cover


A boron nitride crucible is a type of crucible made from boron nitride material. Boron nitride crucible is a heat-resistant ceramic crucible, which is known for its excellent thermal stability, and resistance to thermal shock.


● High purity(up to 99.7%), no adhesion, no pollution, and long service life.

● The highest operating temperature is 2100 ℃, with high and low-temperature resistance to repeated impact and resistance to carbon corrosion.

● Sintering and smelting alloys, ceramics, rare earth, and other materials.

High Purity BN Crucible With Cover Wholesale 


The boron nitride crucible is known for its remarkable thermal stability, allowing it to withstand extreme temperatures without significant degradation. This property makes boron nitride crucible well-suited for applications in high-temperature environments, including furnaces, kilns, and thermal management systems.


Advantages of High purity crucible with cover

● High-temperature Resistance. Boron nitride crucibles can withstand extreme temperatures, which makes them suitable for demanding applications that involve high-temperature melting, heating, or reaction processes.

● Thermal Stability. Boron nitride crucibles have exceptional thermal stability. This stability ensures the crucible can withstand thermal cycling and rapid temperature changes without cracking or deforming.

● Chemical Inertness. Boron nitride crucibles are chemically inert and resistant to most corrosive substances. This property makes boron nitride crucibles suitable for handling reactive materials and aggressive chemical environments without contamination or reaction.

● Non-Wetting Properties. Boron nitride crucibles have low surface energy, which gives them excellent non-wetting properties. This means that many materials, such as molten metals or glass, do not adhere to the surface of the crucible, allowing for easy pouring and removal of the melted or molten contents.

● High Purity: Boron nitride crucibles are often made from high-purity boron nitride material, ensuring minimal impurities and contamination of the processed materials. This makes them suitable for applications where purity is crucial, such as in producing semiconductors or advanced materials.



● Melting and Casting: Boron nitride crucibles are commonly used for melting and casting various metals, alloys, and semiconductors.

● Semiconductor Processing

● Powder Met


Typical Value
Purity (%)BN>99.7%BN>99.3%BN>99%
Density (g/cm3)1.3-1.41.5-1.61.9-2.0
Oxygen content (%)≦0.1≦0.1≦0.1
Volume resistivity (Ω・cm)>1014>1014>1014
Operating temp
Inert gas≦2100≦2100≦2100
Bending strength (MPa)183040
Coefficient of thermal expansion (10-6/℃)-0.4-0.41.5
Thermal conductivity (W/m・K)605035


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