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Silicon Nitride Ceramic Crucible

Silicon Nitride Ceramic Crucible

Product introduction
1.Silicon nitride ceramic crucible has super hardness and lubricity, so it is very wear-resistant.
2.Almost no reaction with inorganic acid, strong corrosion resistance.
3.resist the influence of cold and heat, and it will not break in the rapid cold and hot environment.

Main Technologies and Parameters of I-TOWU Silicon Nitride Ceramics

Density g/cm³relative density(%)modulus of elasticty GPaCrushing load ratio (%)Hardness(HV) GPa
Breaking tencity Mpa.Mthree-point bending
strength Mpa
Poisson ratioCoefficient of linear expansionWeibull modulus
strength Mpa
Thermal conductivity
Specific resistivity(cm)Acid and comosion
dimensional stablityMagnetic

*Main technology: Cold isostatic pressing(CIP) molding air pressure(GPS) sintering

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