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Silicon Nitride Media Balls

Silicon Nitride Media Balls


Silicon nitride balls are spherical ceramic media balls made from silicon nitride ceramic(Si3N4) material. Silicon nitride balls are a specific application of silicon nitride ceramics. They are spherical ceramic balls made from silicon nitride material and inherit the properties of silicon nitride ceramics. Silicon nitride balls find applications in precision ball bearings, valves, pumps, and other high-performance applications where their high strength, wear resistance, low friction, and excellent mechanical properties are advantageous.


● Widely used in precision machine tool high-speed bearings

● Automotive bearings

● Wind turbine insulation bearings

● Petrochemical and other fields

● Competent in high corrosion, high temperature, and other complex and harsh working conditions.


Itowu Wholesale Silicon Nitride Media Balls


Silicon nitride balls find applications in a wide range of industries, including automotive, aerospace, medical, energy, and semiconductor manufacturing. They are commonly used in precision bearings, ball screws, cutting tools, valves, pumps, and other high-performance applications where reliability, durability, and high-temperature capabilities are crucial.  The unique combination of silicon ceramic media balls' properties makes them a preferred choice in demanding applications that require superior mechanical performance, wear resistance, and reliability under extreme conditions.


Advantages of Silicon Nitride Balls

● Low density, lightweight is 59% lighter than a steel ball, which reduces the centrifugal force and friction.

● The low thermal expansion coefficient is that 1/4 of the steel can withstand sudden temperature changes.

● The modulus of elasticity is 40% higher than that of steel, so there is less elastic deformation after stress, which reduces the vibration of the machine tool.

● Non-magnetic, there is no adhesion and abrasion in electrical insulation.



● Bearings. Silicon nitride balls are commonly used in high-performance ball bearings, particularly in demanding and high-speed applications.

● Valve and Pump Components. Silicon nitride balls find application in valves and pumps where resistance to wear, corrosion, and high temperatures are

● Cutting Tools. Ceramic media balls' high hardness and wear resistance enable them to withstand the high temperatures and stresses encountered during machining, resulting in improved tool life and precision.

● Automotive Industry: Silicon nitride balls can be found in components such as turbochargers, fuel injection systems, and gearboxes, where their high-temperature resistance, low friction, and durability contribute to improved efficiency and reliability.

● Aerospace and Aviation: Silicon nitride balls can withstand high temperatures, corrosion resistance, and lightweight properties enhance performance and fuel efficiency.


Test Amount(Pellet)-30/Pellet
Particle size(mm) 5.0±0.15.03
Crushing Streng(HV)≥5.348.4

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