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Boron Nitride Crucibles: Transforming Ceramic Processing

In the realm of ceramic material development and processing, Itowu stands as a prominent name, offering cutting-edge solutions to wholesalers and agents. With our expertise in Itowu nitride ceramics, our company has gained recognition for its innovative approach to boron nitride crucibles. These crucibles have garnered significant attention within the industry due to their exceptional properties and functionality. In this article, we will delve into the diverse range of machinable boron nitride products provided by Itowu, with a specific focus on the functions and benefits of boron nitride crucibles.

The Range of Itowu's Machinable Boron Nitride Products

BN Powder: We take pride in offering a comprehensive selection of BN powder products, including BN-A. This fine powder variant finds various applications across industries. As a release agent in metal forming and a lubricant for metal wire drawing, our BN powder optimizes manufacturing processes. Moreover, it serves as a special electrolysis and resistance material under high-temperature conditions.

Additionally, our BN powder acts as an extrusion anti-wear additive, a ceramic composite additive, a refractory material, and an anti-oxidant additive. It can be easily pressed into diverse shapes, allowing the creation of components for high-temperature and high-pressure environments, as well as insulation and heat dissipation components.

BN Compound Ceramic: Introducing our BN Compound Ceramic line, specifically designed to address challenges related to sputtering pot corrosion and nickel and copper corrosion. Developed using advanced formulation technology, our crucibles exhibit excellent chemical stability, stable resistivity, and good oxidation resistance. They are highly resistant to corrosion from aluminum, nickel, copper, and gold. With a maximum operating temperature of 1800℃, they ensure optimal performance in demanding industrial settings.

Itowu's Ceramic Materials with the BN High Purity Crucibles

Our range also includes BN High Purity Ceramic Crucibles, offering exceptional purity of up to 99.7%. These crucibles guarantee minimal adhesion, zero pollution, and prolonged service life. With a remarkable highest operating temperature of 2100℃, they exhibit resilience against high and low temperature fluctuations, repeated impacts, and carbon corrosion.

These high-purity crucibles find extensive use in the sintering and smelting of alloys, ceramics, rare earth materials, and more. Their exceptional properties make them indispensable tools for achieving precise results in ceramic material processing.


In the dynamic world of ceramic material development and processing, Itowu stands out as a reliable wholesale supplier, providing an extensive range of boron nitride crucibles. Our machinable boron nitride products, including BN powder, BN Compound Ceramic, and BN High Purity Ceramic Crucibles, cater to diverse industrial needs. By incorporating Itowu's advanced solutions, wholesalers and agents can unlock the full potential of ceramic materials, enhance manufacturing processes, and achieve superior results in their respective industries.

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