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Itowu: Revolutionizing Industrial Applications with High Thermal Conductivity Ceramics

As a leading enterprise specializing in the research, development, production, and sale of new thermal conductivity materials, Itowu has been at the forefront since its establishment in 2018. Based in China, we primarily focus on nitride series products, including boron nitride powder, boron nitride ceramic, silicon nitride powder, silicon nitride ceramic, aluminium nitride powder, and aluminium nitride ceramic. In this article, we will delve into the exceptional capabilities and applications of Itowu high thermal conductivity ceramics, also known as Itowu nitride ceramics.


Enhancing Efficiency: Boron Nitride as a Release Agent and Lubricant

Itowu high thermal conductivity ceramics, specifically boron nitride, serve as excellent release agents for metal-forming processes. Their low coefficient of friction ensures smoother operations, reducing frictional forces and enhancing productivity in metalworking applications. Moreover, they also prove to be effective lubricants during metal wire drawing operations, minimizing wear and tear while maintaining optimum performance and efficiency.


Withstanding Extreme Temperatures: Specialized Materials for High-Temperature Environments

Itowu nitride ceramics, including boron nitride, exhibit exceptional performance under high-temperature conditions. These materials are not only suitable for their remarkable thermal conductivity but also serve as outstanding electrolysis and resistance solutions. Whether it's withstanding intense heat or ensuring resistance to harsh conditions, Itowu high thermal conductivity ceramics deliver unrivaled reliability and performance in demanding industrial environments.


Versatility in Application: From Solid Lubricants to Refractory Materials

Itowu high thermal conductivity ceramics, especially boron nitride, find extensive application across diverse industries. As high-temperature solid lubricants, these ceramics provide remarkable lubrication and wear resistance, enhancing the performance and durability of critical components. Furthermore, they serve as extrusion anti-wear additives and ceramic composite additives, elevating the mechanical and thermal properties of composite materials. In addition, their exceptional thermal stability makes them ideal candidates for refractory materials and anti-oxidant additives, ensuring superior performance and longevity in high-temperature environments.



Itowu stands as a pioneer in the field of thermal conductivity materials, offering revolutionary solutions with our high thermal conductivity ceramics. Our commitment to research and development drives the continuous innovation of Itowu nitride series products, enabling businesses to achieve unmatched efficiency, reliability, and performance. With the versatility of materials like boron nitride, we address the unique challenges faced by diverse industries, from metal forming and wire drawing to electrolysis processes and high-temperature applications. Embrace the transformative potential of Itowu high thermal conductivity ceramics and unlock new dimensions of success in your industrial endeavors.

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